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Best way to calculate refill dates

by shelly

what is the best way to calculate a refill date for a control drug?

Rx for Xanax 2mg one tablet once a day for 30 days
- Fill date January 1st
- When will the next fill date be if you can only fill it two days early?

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Xanax refill date
by: Anonymous

January 29th

Refill Date
by: Newbie Tech

January has 31 days, so 31 minus 2 brings you back to January 29th.

Anti depressent
by: Anonymous

I had 28 pills suppose to take one and 1/2 at night how many days will they last me

Medication Refill
by: Anonymous

I just got a script for oxys on july 25 it for 15 when will the doctor be able to write another script?

percocet refill question
by: Anonymous

I had an appt before my refill date, 3 days before. The refill is for sept 2nd, and my appt I had was august 30th. the pharmacy filled it that very day. Now my next appt is on Sept 27th. will I be able to get it refilled that day or will it be different? I'm very confused and since I have no margin for error, I'm a bit worried.

Narcotics filled early
by: Anonymous

Any controlled substance medications should only be filled when the medication is due. If you medication is one tablet at night and you get thirty tablets then the prescription is not due for thirty days from the date the last prescription was filled. If you are taking a pill every 6 hours as needed for pain and get sixty tablets it will last 15 days. You do not get your script early because your appointment was earlier than normal. And depending on state specific rules, if your dr give you your script early it may expire before you can fill it. So that is something to look in to. Also they can be filled two days early with tge discretion of the pharmacist only. If you are repeatedly getting your scripts two days early every month then chances are you will eventually be told no more early refills because you should have the two extra tablets from each month left still. This is not a pharmacy singling someone out. The pharmacists license is on the line for every decision they make. They could loose thier career just for filling controlled substances early all the time

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