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Calcuate % mass of each ingredient

by Rma

each capsule of Excedrin migraine contains 250mg of acetaminophen, 250 mg of ASA, 65mg caffeine. If the capsule has an average mass of 0.676g. calculate the percent mass of each active ingredients in a tablet of Excedrin.

I did the math but seems wrong. not sure if this is what the question wants.
I got:

44.2% acetaminophen
44.2% ASA
12% Caffeine

Can you help walk me through?

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% Mass
by: Bilal

Average mass of Excedrin is 676mg;

% of Acetaminophen will be 250x100/676=37%

same calculation for ASA 37%

% of Caffeine 65x100/676=10%

and the rest {100-(37+37+10)} will be excipients which makes up to 16% of the average tablet weight.

% of mass
by: yibe

Acetaminophen= 250*100/526= 44.25%
ASA= 44.25%
Caffeine%= 100-(44.25+44.25)= 11.5%

SO FROM 0.676g. capsule
Acetaminophen will be =0.4425*0.676g =0.3g= 300mg
the same ASA 0.3g
caffeine= 0.676-(0.3+0.3)= 0.076g = 76mg

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