Free PTCB Practice Quiz #2

This free PTCB practice quiz is in the same format as the ExCPT and PTCB tests. The subjects covered are based on:

  • Maintaining medication and inventory systems
  • Assisting the pharmacist serving customers
  • Participating in the organization of pharmacy management practices

Unlike other pharmacy tech websites that have practice quizzes, the ones here are more detailed, realistic problems. On the certification exam, there are no one liner questions. That's one of the primary reasons I started this site; to give students realistic questions to practice with. Enjoy !

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Dr. Johnson is a heart surgeon in Accident, Maryland. One of the DEA numbers below is assigned to him. Which of the following DEA numbers is valid ?

A. BJ8042345
B. AJ7148424
C. BJ5324126
D. AJ7658431

How to decode DEA numbers


A customer is waiting in the lobby for a new prescription. It's an order for a 30-day supply of tablets to be taken q.h.s. (daily at bedtime). You notice an expiration date of 12/2014 on the only bulk container in stock. Today is November 10th, 2014. At the end of what day do the drugs in this bulk container actually expire?

A. 12/31/2014
B. 12/01/2014
C. 11/30/2014
D. 01/01/2015


An order calls for 150g of a custom 2:3:5 topical ointment.

How much of each ingredient is needed?

A. 18 g, 36 g, 126g
B. 30 g, 45 g, 75 g
C. 54 g, 72 g, 84 g
D. 24 g, 48 g, 108 g

How to do this one HERE

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A regular customer is filling her monthly prescription for Premarin®. At what frequency should you include a patient package insert with her Premarin® ?

A. The first time, then annually.
B. The first time, then every 6 mos.
C. The first time only.
D. Every time.


For conjunctivitis, a patient was prescribed the following eye drops:

CILOXAN® 3 mg/mL
Sig: ii gtts OU q4h

What strength of ophthalmic solution should be dispensed?

A. 0.03%
B. 3.00%
C. 0.30%
D. 30.0%


According to the U.S. Department of Justice, "Schedule IV controlled substances are defined as drugs with a low potential for abuse and low risk of dependence" Which of the following drugs is not in DEA schedule IV ?

A. Vicodin®
B. Xanax®
C. Valium®
D. Ambien®

Top 200 Drugs


In 2009 the FDA recalled some lots of Motrin®, saying the product was adulterated. Johnson & Johnson® was ordered to organize and pull approximately 88,000 tablets from store shelves. The recalled products had a low chance of causing major injuries or death, but still posed some risk of "adverse events." As such, what class of recall would this have been?

A. FDA Class IV recall
B. FDA Class II recall
C. FDA Class III recall
D. FDA Class I recall

Free PTCB Practice Quiz #2


Pharmacokinetics is the action drugs take while they're in a patient's body. In what order does the body process drugs?

A. Absorption → Metabolism → Distribution → Elimination
B. Metabolism → Distribution → Absorption → Elimination
C. Distribution → Elimination → Absorption → Metabolism
D. Absorption → Distribution → Metabolism → Elimination

Pharmacokinetics Review

Free PTCB Practice Quiz #2


U-100 insulin is the most commonly prescribed. However, insulin may be ordered in different strengths (i.e. - U-40).

The "U" value indicates the number of active insulin units in each ___ mL of liquid.

A. 10
B. 1
C. 100
D. 1000


A prescription order for a drug which is supplied in 5mg tablets was filled during the graveyard shift, but not approved. The pharmacist on your shift asked you to double check the quantity dispensed. The dosage sig. is as follows:

10mg po q.i.d. x5d
10mg po t.i.d. x5d
10mg po b.i.d. x3d
5mg po b.i.d. x3d
5mg po q.d. x 2d

How many tablets should be in the bottle?

A. 45
B. 60
C. 180
D. 90

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Free PTCB Practice Quiz

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