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Has anyone taken the new PTCB exam?

by Annie

I read on the PTCB website that anyone applying for certification would be taking the newer version. Anyone taken it yet? What's it like? Do the current books cover the material on the NEW test?

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I'm wondering the same about PTCB
by: Zach

I took a pharmacy tech class that ended in December and was feeling really confident about the test until I heard they changed it? Now I have no idea what's changed as far as questions they ask? I too would like to know what's it's like and how much different it is compared to the old one! All I know is it's harder and have to get a higher percentage to get certified. I think on the last test all you needed was like a 72% now it's like 88% which is missing only about 10 questions.

New PTCB Exam
by: Ann

Have you found anyone who has taken the new PTCB exam, i'm taking mine in February.

I passed the New PTCB
by: Frank

Well I guess I got lucky on my exam, I didn't have any alligation, nor flow-rates problems. Dilution problems are my weakness I got more on pediatric and proportions problems. But, they're tricky and more on laws, administration, inventory, brand and generic, Assisting the pharmacist on Rx processing, and etc.

I took the new PTCB version
by: Purkinje

I just took the new version of the PTCE and passed! I found some very helpful articles online that covers almost all the topics in the new blueprint of the exam. I'm sure it will be a big help too to those planning to take the PTCE. There were some hard questions that I didn't know how to answer and some were tricky too so you have to read every question very carefully and also try to read all the options before you choose the answer.

Passed new PTCE :D
by: Ari

I took the new PTCE today. Surprisingly, mine did not have that many math questions. I'd say there was about no more than 10 math questions. Overall, it had a lot to do with the fine reading in review guides. The blueprint for the new PTCE gives a really good outline of what's actually on the test. My suggestion is to know steps and procedures that occur in pharmacy settings. Things that you would most likely encounter on hand as a pharm tech.

by: Rai



Taking my ptcb exam in May
by: Anonymous

Taking my ptcb exam in May and I hope I pass, since I didn't pass the first time I hope I pass this time.

Mary Jane
by: Anonymous

I am taking my PTCB exam in May and hope I pass.

by: Anonymous


PTCB test
by: Anonymous

I'm scheduled to take the PTCB test May 24th.
with Jesus, I can do anything.

Failed the new PTCB exam
by: Anonymous

I took the updated exam and failed. I was very confident. I used a self study guide and knew EVERYTHING in the guide. My exam only had about 5 math problems. I used the same study guide all my friends used and passed the old exam. However the new exam consisted of a lot of questions not even addressed in the study guide. Barely anything in the study guide was on the exam! A lot of Medicare and Medicaid problems.

new exam failed first attempt.
by: Anonymous

Hi I just went to school for 5 months and I failed my ptcb on the first attempt. my exam was the new 2014 exam and it covered mostly questions about computer systems, hospital formulary, Inderal generic, questions about cloudiness of an iv, synergism, a lot of random weird questions. I would advise look over the new 2014 format blueprint. email me if you need help

excpt test
by: monica

what is the blue print

test time
by: Anonymous

I'm about to take the test at the end of the month. Do I need to know all the Top 200 drugs? Can somebody tell me what to study

Ptcb Newer Version
by: Anonymous

I just took and passed my ptcb test last week. I had taken the test and passed in 2011 ( the old test) but after having kids and being a stay at home mom I let it expire. I thought the new test was easier than the old one. Just know your name brand/ generics, math calculations, and have a basic concept of what common drugs are prescribed for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, antibiotic etc. when all else fails use process of elimination. On my test there were a lot of answers that obviously were wrong. Good luck everyone!

new ptcb exam update was in 2014
by: Ishan

So I just took the new PTCB test and I am college graduate, have scored highest points in college exams in class and thought the new test was hard. I passed the test but it was filled with bunch of random questions, may be three to four math problems and thought the brand and generic names were hard even though I had almost all of them memorized. It had lot of questions that really require you to have worked in the pharmacy like insurance problems. I would really suggest reading over the new content they posted cuz man I was confident, and as soon as I started taking it, it was just lot different than I expected. For example, I expected lot of math, at least five to ten questions regarding generic and brand names but it was rarely any of that in the 90 questions. Biggest thing is to use common sense, think over each question without rushing it and at the end of the day, you can always take it again. You can message me if you have questions because I remember most of the stuff that was on there. I can't tell you questions but the content.

How to pass the new ptcb
by: lucy

I study by myself and didn't go to any school. I use the pharmacy technician fifth edition morton publishing company. How can I practice for the exam and pass?

new ptcb exam
by: danny

Hi, I'm currently using the website to study for the new ptcb exam. Do you think I can pass using this website only? If not, can you offer any kind of suggestion from other resources that could help me with such as books, websites, or anything?

by: Jon

I just took the new test and unfortunately I failed. I think the main reason was because I expected a lot of math questions which was my strongest area but there where only 5 math questions. Is very hard to pass it again because most of the test question were like what if the patient did this or that what would you do kinda questions. Any suggestions on which book or test sample can help me know on how to deal with patient and pharmacy settings? (I used mosby for the test)

I failed the first time
by: Ebony

I didn't pass the first time. Some of the questions I saw on there, we didn't touch base on in class so I'm confused on what to study

by: Anonymous

I just took the PTCE exam. the paper I received said preliminary results pass does this mean I passed the exam?

by: Anonymous

Yap that means you passed. How did you prepare for the exam? What book? and how many math questions were on your exam? Congrats !

New ptcb
by: Anonymous

I studied so hard using 3rd edition pharmacy books and the CD questions, etc. To my surprise, the ptcb exam questions are different and I really don't know why they want us to study that any way. I really do not know now what to study now because the question were more like common sense and need more hands on experience to answer. I just don't know if I could take it again and pass. Ishan, I really want to know what book you used?

more on the test
by: Ishan

So I used the old edition ptcb official study guide book but I don't think that was that much of help. I would read over the new content that they posted and try to understand if you don't know anything in there. It would help to start working as an intern in the pharmacy and then take the test because some questions really require experience with insurance issues that come up in pharmacy. Also see if you can find stuff from hospital pharmacy and find out basic things they do because there are some questions relating to that. Honestly, I would say at least 50 to 60 percent of questions, I had no idea for answers, I answered through elimination and reasoning. But definitely, study whatever you can to be best prepared including math even though there are only few questions on that.

Help me please
by: Malcolm

I failed the ptcb exam twice and I'm looking for someone to help me with the math and law section of the exam I'm willing to pay for someone's help

by: Anonymous


Took the ptcb test in May
by: Anonymous

I had taken the PTCB test and the preliminary result said PASS. I didn't go to school, just learned on the job since January. I didnt study 200 drug name. I have to say the test is quite hard. There is a lot of law, medicare, medicaid. To be honest, I thought that I had failed, I asked the lady twice to confirm that I passed. After taking the test, I dont know what to recommend you all, but I have been studying the PTCB exam simplified, 2nd edition by David A Heckman PharmD. it's a very good book, I think. Good luck to you all.

by: Anonymous

I took the test in May and I failed, the test was very hard. I just got my results back and I scored a 1392 and I needed 1400 to pass, I was so close!

by: Christina

I just took my exam last Thursday and passed. It was mainly on hospital/IV calculations. Drip/flow rates and lots of dilution questions. I had one,maybe two questions on law. Study and pediatric calculations!!!

Need help
by: Anonymous

I am taking my exam next week. Should I concentrate more on the top 200 drugs and do I need to memorize their Indication for use with brand and generic and class?

question about PTCB
by: Anonymous

has anyone ever received a preliminary score of pass and then the results come back fail?

passing score
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know how many you could miss on the ptcb in order to still
pass the test?

Scheduled for the PTCB
by: Anonymous

I have been studying some of everything. I already work in healthcare so my job provided a study guide for everyone who wanted to get certified. I will check back in after my exam date.

Took in November
by: Rudy

I just finished taking the exam today and failed. I wasn't expecting so many math questions. It seemed like every 4th question was math. I studied with mosby's review pharm tech exam book and some question looked exactly like the one in the book. I feel like I need more practice on all those math questions that they threw at me and I will pass.

by: Anonymous

I took the exam last Tuesday and I got my preliminary results right away from the testing center. It says there that I passed but I still need to wait for the official score report. How long will it take for them to upload the official results?

by: Tristan's Mom

Took PTCB this afternoon and I must say it was nothing like I imagined it to be. I feel that I over studied because I focused on the math. I'm used to being told that the math is a huge portion of the exam but clearly not with this updated exam. But by the grace of God I passed on the first attempt! I was not trying to have to cough up another $129 to retake the exam. My advice is to study as much as you can and as often as you can. I had been working as a pharmacy tech for ten years and still felt the need to study for two months. Good luck to whomever is prepping to take the test and congrats to those who have passed it.

I passed on my first attempt booyaaah
by: Anonymous

I passed on my first attempt yes. The test was simply something no one can interpret. I heard the drug names should be learned well, and i crammed all 200 drugs but in my exam, got only 2 questions on it. Major questions were on pharmacological calculations, pharmacy law and sterile compounding. Make sure to learn all sections as no one can tell which section you will have on your exam day. Good luck !!

what the
by: Anonymous

Taken the test after being a tech for 10 years had to think about the questions that were being asked a little bit more but thanks to job it was easier to understand

by: Anonymous

Can someone recommend any study material for someone interested in taking the PTCB in 2016? Any help and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I Failed...
by: Anonymous

I took the newer version of the exam . .. turns out I only had about 7 math questions.. and I only had two questions about the top 200 drugs. I failed, which really sucks, cause now I have to get another $129 .. At least now I know what kind of questions to study for.

Be Mindful
by: Tristan's Mom

If you fail the ptcb the first time, study as if you're taking it for the first time which should be all areas because you can't determine what will be on the next attempt. #goodluck

Study up on law and pharmacy practices
by: Anonymous

The math section is probably the easiest part of the exam, as it is mostly high school math. Any study guide should help you brush up on calculations that you've forgotten. These should pretty much be free points on the test.

To make studying for drugs easier, try to take notice of similar prefix or suffixes in drug names, especially generic ones. I didn't study all 200 drugs, but knowing the word parts helped me on more than a few questions that I would have otherwise had completely no idea about.

Make sure to know information about insurance. There were more Medicare questions I'd like to see on the test, and I couldn't make logical guesses at them like I could with others because the answers were basically A, B, C, D or combination of those.

Relax before the test, listen to some music you like on the car over to the test and don't stress out.

Do the practice quizzes help??
by: Carlee

For those who already took the test, do yo feel like the practice tests on this site helped you? are the PTCE questions even anything like the questions on the practice quizzes here? Thanks!

by: Anonymous

Hello, guys I took my ptce exam yesterday on feb 2nd 2016 and PASSED.

Which pharm tech book
by: Meagan

Please tell me what book you used to study and pass the new 2016 exam? I am searching what book to buy and can't decide on which one would be best for all topics!

Studying for weaknesses
by: Maddog

Hey yall!
I have an authorization to schedule through mid April, I'm currently a Tech (1 1/4 years) at a retail chain and i have to say the hospital stuff like IV's and compounding is kicking my butt. I'm now freaking out as i try to study for this and midterms for college. any tips on what to focus on for hospital and compounding? I feel like I have a decent understanding of basic technician tasks in a retail setting. I'm using Mosby's review for the PTCE (great book but i think/hope its overkill?) thank you!!!

by: Heather

I just received the book Mosby's Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. I opened the book and felt very overwhelmed by it. On each page of every chapter, it has PTCB Domains and ExCPT Domains at the bottom. Under that it has 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, etc. I have no clue what purpose those serve. At first I thought the chapters would be broken up in each of those categories but that's not the case. Anyone have this book and know?

by: Anonymous

Well, I just took mine 2 weeks ago and I passed! Hmm.. what can I say, I memorized the 200 too drugs and I had like 3 questions on that. The math was the same thing you see here. I got a lot of random weird questions that I didn't even know! I just honestly took educated guesses. Thank you - baby Jesus !

Just failed the exam so disappointed.
by: Anonymous

I took the exam yesterday and failed. I am very disappointed because after taking a $1200 class and studying, I felt that it was a complete waste of time and money. There are statistics on the PTCB site that say that 57% of the people who took the newer test passed. In the previous years, there are higher pass rates, most of them between 70% and 80%

I learned several of the top drugs, sig codes, math, etc and there wasn't much of those on the test. There were so many questions that I had no clue of what they were talking about. There wasn't even one alligation problem.

The laws that I memorized were barely on the test. I feel like I have to start from scratch and have no idea how I will pull through. Not to mention, the amount of money you have to pay for this ridiculous test is too much. I basically came home and cried yesterday. I feel like I put in a lot of effort and got nothing out of it. Is there any recent book that follows the blueprint of the exam that I can study from?

A lot of the study guides and videos that I see online are geared towards the previous versions of the test. The thing that irks me is that I have no idea where I am supposed to get the information and gain the knowledge to study for it again.

ptcb pass test
by: jesse

well I took my ptcb test today june 24,2016 and I am glad to say I passed I love this site - it helped me pass along with all my other study's and course and this site was really great on math. I give 5 star rating !

by: Anonymous

Just took the exam and passed. (7-11-16) Lot of the questions were situational "what ifs." I Read the 5th edition The Pharmacy Technician book and it didn't help too much, but I felt prepared. Answered most of the questions through my 7 months of experiences as a state license retail Pharmacy Technician. I would recommend to study the area you know the least about in the book (Retail, Law, Pharmacology, Hospital) because every test is different. Also for the math - know the conversions (1 lb = 454 g = 16 oz, etc)

by: Anonymous

Took the PTCB on August 2, 2016 and PASSED! Thank the Lord. I just studied all the top 200 drugs (brand and generic names) and their uses. Also memorized how to do conversions back and forth and formulas to do math problems. All other questions were kind of common sense questions

Cancer drugs
by: Anonymous

I took the test today , I failed..Many of the questions that I encountered were very new that I didn't learned about.

Don't Stress Out!
by: RevDog

I have been a pharmacy tech for 10+ years, took the updated PTCB on 8/9/16 and passed on my first try. I can honestly say the test was nothing like I thought it would be, I describe it as an "application based" exam. You need to know your stuff to put it into practice. I would not call it a difficult exam, but different. All I did to study was take the quizzes on this website- no books, no study guides, no practice tests. I was not going to pay more than the $129 I already payed. Honestly, if I had not done these practice tests I would only have missed 1 question on the exam related to laminar flow hood regulations.

That being said, my best advice to everyone taking in is to not stress yourself out studying. You will learn more of what you need for this test actually working in a pharmacy than you could ever get from a book. Pay attention to details at work, listen to and watch the pharmacists (this is basic stuff to them) and relax. If you use the brain God gave you to view the questions through the lens of your experience you will be just fine.

Good luck!! Let's get that passing percentage back up again!!!

by: Anonymous

Took the exam today and passed!

Bachelor's of Science, faied PTCE
by: Anonymous

Took the PTCB exam today and failed. Earning a bachelor's in biology and failing this really hurts. I spent the summer studying when there was really no point.

by: Anonymous

Took the test today with preliminary results of pass. Only studied for a day and a half. Used Mosby's new study guide. It was great. Only had like 5 math questions.

ptcb exam on 08/31/2016
by: Anonymous

i did not pass the test. my test version had less than 15 questions on math, the rest all words ( drugs name, laws, abbreivation, etc... )

How I Think PTCB Certification Can Be Passed
by: Anonymous

I took the test last week and passed. On this website there is a practice exam that you can purchase. I think it's the best $ you can spend. The questions on the practice test are a lot like the questions on the test. It will also prepare you for the actual test. I don't think I would have passed the test without taking the practice test. After taking the practice test my pharmacist went over every question with me, whether I got it right or wrong and he explained it to me, so I had a better understanding of each question.

easy but I studied
by: Anonymous

I took it this past weekend and passed easily. The test was challenging but no reason you shouldn't pass first attempt. Agree with previous posts, pay attention to what your doing on the job and it will be easy. If you are a "bank teller" tech and only counting pills, without an understanding of what you are doing or why then you are doing yourself and others a disservice. I studied more to actually learn how to be a better tech than to simply pass a test.

Good luck!

PCTB exam Oct 2016
by: TC

I took it this past Friday and I must say that the EXAM was MUCH harder than I anticipated (self-study for one week) based on the recent materials on here and the Practice test on the PTCB exam. Besides knowing your Top 200 drugs (some of which I got which wasn't even on the top 200), for like 15-20 questions I literally had to flag my first time round (had 5-6 simeple math questions with some about standard generic/brand names ALONG with knowing the class of drugs + Schedules on top of what it's use to treat). A handful of the 15-20 questions, I had to narrow it down to 2, but it was a coin flip and gut instinct from there on. Also, definitely read up on billing/insurance terminology along with. if anyone need anymore help with the different topics you need let me know I can try to help narrow the topics.

Overall, I was surprised I passed it! ^_^

Nov 2016
by: Kels

I have taken the PTCB before and failed with a 1392 (passing rate 1400). I have been studying up on the laws and the Top 200. I see a lot of people saying that studying the medicaid and medicare billing/insurance abbreviations and codes should be a must too. Is there anything else that should be studied before I take this test? The last time I took it I made a lot of educated guesses and almost passed so any tips? Also, I am currently using PTCB Exam Simplified 3rd Edition by David A Heckman.

I'm taking the test for a promotion at work
by: Anonymous

I am taking the test in Nov any suggestions on topics I should focus on because reading the entire book is overwhelming - I'm using Barron's PTCE.

by: Anonymous

I am taking the test tomorrow. Any advice? I'm so nervous. I just know I'm going to fail it.

This is it
by: Anonymous

I am taking mine tomorrow as well I'm freaking out.. Hopefully I pass it wish me luck.

PTCB 2016
by: Anonymous


I took the PTCB today on November 26 and passed.
My preliminary results says I passed, I wonder how solid or accurate this result is.

Anyway, I only had 2 days to study. I recommend more than that.

According to their website, the PTCB pass rate for newer version was 57 percent (all time low) and that trend is continuing. That being said, study hard!

I will not disclose what is on the exam per say but there is less of an emphasis on math than that of pharmacy law and regulations.

Good look to anyone and everyone.

Recently took PTCB Nov.2016
by: Anonymous

I took the exam on Nov 16th 2016. I took a six week course From June to August but after that I forgot a lot. I used all practice test available here. According to unofficial results I passed. All test are random but the majority of mine was basic math stuff like how many day would a RX last. I also had a lot of Pharmacy Law questions especially concerning what a pharmacy tech is allowed to do.Google pharmacy tech game and there is a sight with excellent games for learning the medications because you will need that info for sure. You can also look up to see what % of each section is used because it's pretty accurate. Take practice exams as much as you can because you need to drill all parts in your head

by: Kels

Me again. I took the test yesterday and passed. It seems more focused on quality assurance. I used the PTCB Simplified by David Heckman. It was much easier to use than Mosby's.

Don't over think it
by: Anonymous

I took the exam on 11/19/16 and still awaiting results. Study as much as you can, but don't focus on one thing. I was really nervous about flow rates and stuff that I focused on, and I had only 2 questions on flow rates. Know pharmacy law, billing, terminology and what techs can/cannot do and basic math. I used Mosby's study guides and bought the book. I think the practice exams were harder than the actual exam itself.
As of now, I am still waiting for the official results. Good luck to the rest of you

PTCE exam - Jan 2017
by: Tierra

I just passed the PTCE Jan 10, 2017. It was a lot of conceptual "what would you do if" questions. The math was really easy compared to the problems in Mosby's Review. I self studied for about a week with this book (no prior pharmacy knowledge). I didn't even really study the top 200 drugs, but you can tell by the review that there are key drugs you need to know. KNOW YOUR MATH. KNOW CONVERSIONS. KNOW LAWS. KNOW INSURANCE. If you really focus and study as often as you can, you will be fine. I studied 7 days, about 6-7 hours per day with Mosby's Review. It's really informative, but it can get overwhelming if you try to take in too much info at a time, especially if you don't know much about pharmacy. Overall, it was challenging, but it's definitely do able. Good luck!

TAKING EXAM IN 3 days! Feb 3rd
by: Anonymous

Hi guys!
I'm taking my exam in 3 days! Wasnt nervous before but now that its crunch time I am starting to worry. Do you guys have any last minute tips?
Also, do the practice tests on here look like questions on the test? As far as the way they are being asked? Thank you in advance!!!

by: Anonymous

I passed guys! I would agree that it's a lot of knowing what the pharmacy tech can and cannot do. Also basic math and a few questions about the top 200 drugs (which was my weakest spot) I also got some law questions, billing, laminar flow hood of course, and some stuff about cytotoxic which I had no clue on

by: Kay

Passed my test on Monday! Definitely do process of elimination if all else fails. Reread questions, and don't over think !!

PTCB exam
by: Anonymous

I took PTCB exam today 2/14/17 and I passed. I have to say it was challenging but my advise is to focus mostly on math, law, conversions and insurance. I got only few question -brand generic. Mostly it was what pharmacy tech should do in given situation plus math (approx 15 questions), a lot of law and insurance. Good luck everyone!

by: Anonymous

Hey! I'm taking the test on Tuesday and I would like to know what math is on the test? My weakest is iv flow rates. Thanks

by: Anonymous

You definitely need to know flow rates! Allegations conversions

Taking the test soon
by: Anonymous

Is it true that you shouldn't worry about the drugs too much? I've been studying the laws like crazy and have the math and conversions and science down pat. Any advise or other areas to concentrate on?

by: Anonymous

I'm taking my test for the 2nd time. The first time I took the test was in 2012 and I failed it. Since then everything has changed. The material I'm using to study this time is Mosby review and my old notes. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm really nervous !

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