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How many pills

by shavonda

2.5mg warfarin pill the directions say you give 2.0mg pill Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and 0.5mg on Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday for four weeks twice a day. How many pills would you dispense?

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by: Anonymous

564 pills

by: Anonymous

25/2=1.25x3=3.75 then2.5/0.5=5x4=20x30=600 then add 3.75= 604 pills and that how I calculated

Check with the pharmacy manager
by: Jerry

This question is horribly written, and there is far too much room for error. Nonetheless, in this case, you would probably dispense two different bottles of pills. In one, there would be 2mg Warfarin pills for the M/Tu/Wed and then 1mg Warfarin pills in the other for the Tr/Fri/Sat/Sun with directions to take a half at each dosage. But, s00oo many things are not clear in this question !

Anonomous contributor
by: Anonymous

The answer is 420 pills

Warfarin Qty dispensed Answer
by: Don

If you read the question correctly, we need to determine how many Warfarin pills need to be dispensed:
3 pills/wkly (M,T,W) of 2mg qd= 12 pills/30days
4x2 (bid) pills/wkly (R,F,Sa,Su) =8x4 =32/30days
Total pills 2.0mg = 12qty & 0.5mg = 32qty

a guess.
by: Anonymous

Don't know if this is right, but I tried my hand at this problem. 2mg bid tiw is 12mg. And 0.5 mg bid four times weekly is 4mg. 12mg + 4mg = 16mg. 16mg x 4 weeks is 64mg. 64mg/2.5 mg = 25.6 pills. Which would mean 26 pills are to be dispensed. Again, this is a guess. I could be wrong.

I'd find a new doctor
by: Kathryn

As this scenario would never happen.

by: Anonymous

56 pills at 2 daily for 28 days. The question asks for total number of pills.

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