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Lidocaine Mouthwash

A medication order calls for special mouth wash. It contains 50% diphenydramine syrup and 50% viscous lidocaine. The physician ordered 16 oz . In milligrams, how much of each ingredient will you need to make this?

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lidocaine mouthwash
by: vanessa


227000 mg each
by: Anonymous

16 oz= 454 g= 454000mg
Each 50% so 454000/2 = 227000 mg

by: vanesssa

Anonymous,review your calculations again. 1Lb = 454Grams not 16Oz = 454Grams
Here is how i got 240,000mg
1 Oz = 30mls
16Oz = 480mls
For each, it'll be
(50g/100mls)*480mls*1000mg/1g= 240,000mg

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