New PTCB test

by Sharon

Do you have the practice exams for the new PTCB Test? The one they've change it to November 2013 ? Is it different from the old exam?

by Jerry

Yes, this site has been updated for the new PTCB test!

Yes, the PTCB switched things up in late 2013, and heavily restructured the certification exam. The free practice tests on this website have been audited, restructured and cleaned up to reflect the changes. In addition, about 200 new practice questions were added which primarily focus on the new PTCB test material, including things I personally saw on the exam.

What is changing ?
All of the current test subjects were kept and more were added. The changes are: 1. More knowledge based subjects, and 2. Spreading the point value system more evenly across all of the questions.

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Nervous and don't think Im going to pass
by: Anonymous

Hi, I recently registered for the PTCB and I have to take the new one. But, I'm concerned because all the information that I have studied was for the old format. Is the information changing as well? I saw the break down but I feel that the people who are having to take the new one will not have a fair chance due to the fact that the information changed and we had nothing to study for that particular exam. and what exactly is a 1400 ? that I the new passing score so is that a 70% or at least 65 or something?

The new PTCB exam
by: Anonymous

I took the ptcb test in October. Unfortunately I failed, but I was so close. I am doing preparation again to take the exam. If anyone knows the new update test questions, and what 1400 passing scale means exactly, please comment. How many questions do I need to get right out of 90 question?

passing score on new PTCB test
by: Anonymous

same 90 question... But with a new update, what is passing rate? how many questions do you need cover to pass?

PTCB exam
by: Anonymous

I have just finished a pharmacy Technician program and recently I have an externship at Walgreen pharmacy, I am worry about to take PTCB exam, I feel I am not going to pass it, I don't know if they change the version, every day I have PTCB exam practice at online but I don't know that is going help.

A passing score is :-)
by: Sean Parsons

The exam is now scored from 1000 to 1600, and a 1400 is required to pass. This means that if you got everything wrong you would have a score of 1000. Effectively, this means that you need to get two-thirds of the questions correct. Technically, only 80 of the 90 questions are scored (10 are used to ensure validity of these questions when they are scored on future exams). Also, not all questions are given the same value when the PTCB has PearsonVue score your exam. I hold, that when taking practice exams, you should shoot for a 70% or better.

As far as what is on the exam, the PTCB did post a blueprint for the exam content:

There is some concern over whether the PTCB is following their own blueprint, but that is a different issue, and there are various groups attempting to provide correction to the PTCB. If you want additional practice questions, besides the ones on this website, Parsons Printing Press has made 500 questions available for free review (registration required) and the questions have been written from scratch with the new blueprint in mind. You can find the questions here:

I hope everyone finds this useful.

help with new PTCB
by: Anonymous

Can someone please help me?
I took new version of the PTCE exam, failed it and now I don't know what to study.

How is this fair
by: Anonymous

I find this to be unfair especially when my attendance in the pharmacy tech program begin in June 2013 our training reflects outdated material this should be looked into because if we do not have the right material to prepare for the ptcb then that's money down the drain over a hundred dollars I only hope that the right thing shall be done. My training took place at Fortis Institute-Baltimore, MD and one of the book provided was the pharmacy tech certification exam review 3rd edition and it was a question that states you must score 650 now how is that fair review the practice software that was included with the book.
In closing I truly hope that this will be taken under review.
Thanking in advanced.

1572 out of 1600
by: Anonymous

I took the new exam in September and scored a 1572...I only studied by taking the practice exams on learning express.

official practice test
by: Stevester

so I've been studying extremely hard for this pharm tech test because i really want the certificate =) however to my disappointment i got a 67/90 on the official practice test. Just to give you guys perspective, i went through 2 books thoroughly and memorized all the vitamins plus 170+ drugs. I spent an average about 4 hours everyday for 2 months. It seems impossible. It's a lot of memorization. Memorize memorize memorize. the math is pretty easy.

went to Fortis
by: Anonymous

Fortis dibn't prepare us for the PTCB. Wish I had chose a different school.

My test was kind of easy
by: Anonymous

So I took the ptcb March 12 and passed. I studied for a good 2 weeks. And i did fine. Just know the pharmacy law. They asked tons about the DEA and FDA regulations! Good luck to you all!

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