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Pharmacy Business Math

by marquitta
(Home Study)

while picking up a prescription at your pharmacy, a customer decides to also buy a Snuggie® for $19.99 and today it's 20% off. The prescription has a co-pay due of $10.00. The local sales tax is 8.3% and the Co-pay exempt from the sales tax. What will the total be for both items.
A. 25.98
B. 31.65
C. 27.32
D. 29.89

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Pharmacy Business Math
by: MGLM

The Snuggie would cost $19.99 minus 20% off plus the 8.3% sales tax.

So 19.99 - (19.99 x 0.20) = 15.992
15.992 + (15.992 x 0.083) = $17.32

Then add the $10.00 for the Rx co-pay which is tax exempt.

So $17.32 + $10.00 = $27.32

The answer is C. $27.32

by: Anonymous

How'd 0.083 come from 8.3%?

How to get 8.3%
by: Ptmike1955

You are seeking 8.3% of 100%= 8.3 divided by 100= 0.083

pharmacy business math
by: Anonymous

I don't understand how you got this figure 19.99 x 0.20 doesn't add up what you got please explain this to me thanks mary

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