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Attn: Pharmacy Tech Students: If you're preparing to take the Pharmacy Tech Certification Exam, this blog is for you. The site is focused on Free practice quizzes, and interactive forums where users can ask and answer questions. Plus - Over 200 FREE practice problems, which are mostly full length word problems, in multiple choice format.

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Do I need tech school to become a pharmacy tech

I'm self-studying for the PTCB exam. I did some research online and found out you don't need to go to school or formal training (depending on your state,

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Flow and drops

Rantidine is infused in a 0.5L bag 1/2 NS for an ulcer treatment. It runs at 30gtt/min with the infusion device set to deliver 16gtt/mL. How long will

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Study website for taking PTCB

Is the study info and practice tests on this website enough information to pass the test?

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Bottles dispensed

Clemastine fumarate syrup is indicated for relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis. It's available and dispensed in 4oz. bottles containing

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Struggling to memorize top 200 drug names

My exam date was on 21st of December, but I rescheduled it for the last week of January. I studied really hard but when ever I give the practice online

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Confused about the PTCB

I took my exam Dec 2015. A co-worker needed to take hers this year, 2016. I had classes for mine through my previous job, so I circled the chapters in

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Prescriptions with only 28 days supply?

I am in the process of doing pharmacy technician training. My instructor wants us to list prescriptions that only have a 28 day supply. I know birth control

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How many times in a year can I take the PTCE exam?

Just wondering how many times I'm allowed to take the exam in one year?

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PTCB practice questions

Are the PTCB practice questions on this site similar to the real exam?

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sales tax reverse calculation

how much tax was charged on a sale if the total was $64.45 and the sales tax was 3.5%?

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Allegation Medial

Example problem in the book: Prepare 1/2 L solution of 70% alcohol from 50% alcohol and 95% alcohol 500ml x .7 = 350g Here is the part I don't understand:

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A patient presents to your pharmacy with the following prescriptions: Scenario Regarding Levothyroxine Rx: 1. When you enter levothyroxine into the

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IV Calculation

A prescription is ordered which requires 10 mEg KCI and 15 mEq of K Acetate in 1000 mL D5W to be administered over 8 hours. What is the rate in mL/min

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PTCB practice questions

I'm just wondering how similar the questions on the PTCB practice questions on this site are to the real exam? I've been doing as many free practice questions

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Lollipop calculation

prescription calls for lollipops with 5% active ingredient per lollipop. How much active ingredient would be needed to make the following lollipop recipe

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How many pills

2.5mg warfarin pill the directions say you give 2.0mg pill Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and 0.5mg on Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday for four weeks twice

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Pharmacy Tech Program

I've just now signed up for a pharmacy tech program. What are some things I could study in my spare time before my classes start?

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Passing the PTCE Exam

I'm nervous to take the PTCE next Saturday, and have been studying just a couple of weeks. I've memorized the top 100 drugs and am pretty good at math/calculations.

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IV ad mixture Question

An IV ad mixture calls for the addition of 20 mEq of sodium bicarb. How many milliliters of an 8.4% (w/v) sodium bicarbonate solution should be added?

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Antibiotics regimen order

You receive a prescription for amoxicillin 100 mg QID X10 days. In stock, you have 250mg/5ml formula. How many ml do you need to dispense for this prescription

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