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PTCB Mixture Math

by Sweta

To treat a dermal condition, a patient has been prescribed 600mL of a potassium permanganate solution. In stock, you have 30mg Kmno4 tablets. How many will be needed to make the prescribed 1:5000 solution?
A. 3 tablets
B. 4 tablets
C. 5 tablets
D. 7 tablets

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How to solve this?
by: corail

please tell me how to solve this?!

How many 30 mg KMNO4 (Potassium Permanganate) tablets are needed to make the following Solution: KMNO4 1:5000 600 ml.

4 Tablet
by: Anonymous

first 1:5000 so 1/5000 = 0.0002 * 600ml =0.12gm
now convert it to mg 0.12 * 1000 = 120mg

now divide 120mg/30mg= 4 tablet

by: Anonymous

how do you solve this? anyone please.

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