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master PTCB Practice Exam

 500 full length questions
90 Questions / attempt - 110 minutes - Score Report
10 Attempts incl  -  New Questions Each time

Like taking the real test in advance

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Pharmacy Technician Practice Tests
 - Master PTCB Practice Exam -

The Master PTCB Practice Exam includes 90 questions, which are randomly selected from a 500 question bank. You'll have up to TEN attempts in 60 days. Each time, the majority of the questions will be different. The test is presented in the same format as the national certification test.

Similar to the real test:

  • Timed
  • Scored
  • Score Report w/answers
  • Same format as PTCB
  • Randomized Sequence
PTCB Practice Exam

Q. How is this test better than the other online practice exams.

A. The PTCB Master Practice Exam was carefully designed to mimic the official certification exam. There are 90 questions and 110 minutes to answer them. So, why is it a better resource to prepare with? The questions themselves are what's important. Most of the other test prep sites have weak questions and too little of math. They even give you a sample quiz before you buy that proves their questions are lame. They are basically selling you automated flash cards. Not to say that won't help you, it probably will. But, when you sit down for the test, you might not be as prepared as you could be.

Q. What about a 100% pass guarantee?

A. Many practice test sites (like MedPreps) even offer a pass guarantee gimmick. But, all that means is that if you fail the PTCB, they might extend your subscription if you qualify. This is merely false advertising and misleading. Instead of using predatory tactics, the exams on this site are just good. Period. No gimmicks.

Your Practice Exam Order Is Completely Secure.

Q. Are practice exam order pages secure? I noticed that there is no SSL padlock on the address bar on this page.

A. Yes, the frames you input data are SSL secure. The site doesn't have an SSL. But, the frame where you fill in your information does.

Firstly, a company called Proprofs administers the exams and processes payments. Their site is totally secure with the proper SSL.

On this site, an iframe (hosted by Proprofs) is embedded into the page where the exam can be purchased. Your web browser sees it in the coding, and treats the iframe just like another window, but places it on the page where the script tell it to go. It's almost exactly like if you have two windows or tabs open in a browser.

Now, when info is put into the iframe window (Proprofs), it's completely independent of the rest of the page (this site) and so it's secure. That's why your security program doesn't generate a warning pop-up.

One way to test that and see for yourself is to go to the exam frame above.

For Firefox: Click "buy". When the screen asking for info comes up, mouse within the embedded exam iframe, right click, and then choose "this frame" from the drop-down, and then "show only this frame". That will make the iframe the primary window, and you'll then see the padlock in the address bar. (The address bar only shows the info for the primary window.)

For Internet Explorer: Click "buy". When the screen asking for info comes up, mouse within the embedded exam iframe, right click, and then choose "properties" from the drop-down, and then "certificates". There, you can see that the frame is hosted by Proprofs, and see it's a secure connection.

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**These pharmacy tech practice tests are not actual/exact questions you will be asked on the national certification exam. They are all originally written, and based on the subject matter in which the official test is based on. Additionally, they are copyright protected. Please ask permission before posting or using them elsewhere.