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I'm just wondering how similar the questions on the PTCB practice questions on this site are to the real exam? I've been doing as many free practice questions I can get my hands on but I'm just nervous that the stuff I'm studying won't be good enough to pass.

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A little secret - revealed
by: Jerry

The secret is very simple: The PTCE format is 90 questions, but only 80 are scored. So, those other 10 questions are dummy questions about things most people have never heard of. When an already nervous test taker hit's one of those, it may send their anxiety up a notch and fill them with doubt.

There have been countless people who used this site to study, who took the exam and then said there was a bunch of stuff they never saw before. Yeah, because 12.5% of the questions are surprise decoy questions that will probably distract your confidence. Then they go on facebook and post something like, "I passed the PTCB with some luck, lot's of stuff I never heard of on there...", which spreads to people studying for the test and makes them think they are studying the wrong material.

The best way to prepare for the PTCB is by learning as much as possible; The whole reason for the PTCB exam is to filter out candidates who aren't competent enough to be handling medication.

Each question on every practice exam on this site was crafted to involve relevant and similar topics and info to what you'll likely see on the official exam. However, they are only practice, so the actual test's questions will be worded differently, use different verbage and may even ask about things you've never heard before.

There is no way to know what questions you will get on the actual test. All anyone can advise you is to be as prepared as possible, and make sure your reference material is 2013 or newer.

Why 2014 or newer? because the test got a lot tougher when it was updated it in Nov. 2013. By the numbers, the averaging passing rate before they re-wrote it was 75.4%, and it's dropped to 56.7% since the new test was introduced. That's 18.7% less ! To me that says people are studying the wrong materials.

by: Anonymous

Just got my score report and passed with flying colors! In 8/2016. I used Mosby's review book for Pharmacy Technicians 3rd edition. (Yellow book) and took notes on each domain and took most of the practice quizzes it offers. I also used this site's practice quizzes and found that repetition was the best tool for me. Best of luck to you all!

pass the PTCB test
by: hendi

what is best single book I can study in 2016 to pass the test in addition to these practice tests to pass the test ?

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