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PTCB practice test 19 question 7


A patient is receiving an infusion from a 500mL bag containing a 0.5% solution of drug S. The drop factor is calibrated at 12gtt/mL and the flow rate is set to 10gtt/min. If the infusion is to run for 4 hours, how much of the active drug will the patient receive.

A. 1200mg
B. 1000mg
C. 500mg
D. 200mg

How is this done? It says the answer is C but I cannot seem to get that.

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Reworked the problem
by: Anonymous

I just reworked the problem and got an answer of 200 mg. which is "d". I converted the 4 hours to 240 min., took that by the 10 gtt/min to get 2400 drops. I then divided that answer by the 12 gtt/ml to get 200 ml received. If that is correct so far, I set up my proportion of 500 mg (0.5%)/500 ml = x/200 ml. x=200 mg.

sneaky! ;)
by: Anonymous

The answer is 500mg, but it's kind of a trick question.

The information suggests that you work it as a flow rate problem, but in reality you're already told that you're dispensing 500mL over 4 hours with the constant and the rate, so the only thing you're really looking at here is the 0.5% solution, which is....

0.5% = 0.5g = 500mg

Hope that helps! :)

by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness I was so mad at this problem I was stomped for over 30 minutes but thanks so much really helps and yes it was a sneaky set up :)

The answer is B
by: Anonymous

The answer is B, 1000mg

It's a flow rate question.

4 hrs * (60 min/hr) * (10gtt/min) * (1 mL/12gtt) * 0.5% (w/v) = 200 mL * 0.5% = 1 g = 1000 mg

by: Anonymous

theres 3 different answers can someone else shed some lights on this question?

light already shed
by: Anonymous

It was already stated that the given answer was
C. 500 mg

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