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8 week PTCB course

by Anthony
(New York)

I'm thinking of doing it. Not sure if I should. The instructor giving the exam has credentials. He has 6 years of working as a Pharmacy Technician and 4 years of teaching a Pharmacy Technician class.

Is an 8-week course going to be enough preparation to pass the PTCB.

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8 week PTCE refresher
by: Anonymous

I previously took an 8 month course. But, I failed the exam the first time. I'm trying to study now again and am considering an 8 week course as a refresher before I go and taking the exam again. Do you think that studying for that long can work in my favor for a refresher? I would appreciate some advice and help. Thanks.

8 week ptcb course
by: MGLM

I took an 8 week course then studied for two more weeks on my own after the class ended and I passed the ptcb. I had no pharmacy or health care knowledge before that and had never worked in any health care setting. It was a lot of info to cram into my brain in that time, but it's possible.

by: Anthony

I see. Was it the same 8 week Pharmacy Technician course offered by The Fun Pharm Tech?

by: remy

It's not necessary. I passed studying the book for 2 weeks.

I'm not bragging. It was hard (for me) and I'm surprised I passed. My point is that it's doable using a book to memorize the conversions for math, hospital policies and laws.

That's what most of my test was.

The book covered way more than it needed (anatomy) and barely touched on what I needed it to (hospital policies).

I feel like a course, esp at 8 weeks, would cover way way more than you need.

the book for Pharmacy Technicians
by: Anonymous

Hello everybody. What is the book for Pharmacy Technician course?

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