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Attn: Pharmacy Tech Students: If you're preparing to take the Pharmacy Tech Certification Exam, this blog is for you. The site is focused on Free practice quizzes, and interactive forums where users can ask and answer questions. Plus - Over 200 FREE practice problems, which are mostly full length word problems, in multiple choice format.

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I took the exam for the first time and passed! Here is some advice. STUDY STUDY STUDY. The test I took was the new test. I recommend getting the PTCB

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Pharmacy technician schools Chicago

I live in Chicago and am looking for a pharmacy technician school that is reasonable and legit. Ultimately, 3-4 months duration would be ideal. I also

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Cytoxan® (cyclophosphamide)

A physician is prescribing Cytoxan® tablets. The patient is to take one dose daily for 14 days. The recommended dose is 2.5mg/kg daily in the morning.

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Amoxicillin is to be administered from a multiple dose container. After water is added for reconstitution, the well shaken oral suspension will​ yield

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Combining different solution strengths

While organizing stock, the pharmacy manager finds 3 different bottles of isopropyl alcohol. She asks you to measure, consolidate, and re-label them into

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Cancelling factors

8 Grams of a drug was used to prepare 2.5 pounds of a medication cream. How many milligrams of drug are in each ounce of cream?

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Tetra susupension

Prescriptions reads: Tetracycline susp 125mg/5ml #50mL If compounded from capsules and a mixture of 50% oraplus and 50% orasweet, how many 250mg Tetracycline

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PTCB Scoring

So I just took my test I received a 1307 out of 1600 passing score is 1400.... but my question is: is my score bad/good or bad/bad I understand that I

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Question for a Pharmacist

I am suffering from neuromas and RCPS in my residual limb due to trauma. After many tries of various Rx, the only one that helped alleviate the pain to

Continue reading "Question for a Pharmacist"

Bioavailability comparison

If 5ml of an elixir containing 5mg/ml of a drug is bioequivalent to a 30mg tablet having a bioavailability factor of 0.70, what is the bioavailability

Continue reading "Bioavailability comparison"

Suspension dosage

I need to take 60 gm over 90 days Have a suspension that is 2mg/ml. 240mg/ 120ml bottle How much do I need to take to accomplish the 60 gm amount evenly

Continue reading "Suspension dosage"

Preliminary Result says "PASS"

I took my PTCB exam last Tuesday, and then after the test the lady at the testing center handed me a paper with preliminary result: Pass. Does that mean

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Is Mosby a good book to study?

I've taken the PTCB exam twice and failed both times, and the books I used so far didn't cover much of the questions showed up on the actual exam. I was

Continue reading "Is Mosby a good book to study? "

Pharmacy technician license without taking PTCB?

I understand that both NHA and PTCB qualify as an accredited certification. I took the PTCB test three times and did not pass. So I decided to take the

Continue reading "Pharmacy technician license without taking PTCB?"


I finished all the pharmacy technician classes from a tech college and got my license from State Board years ago. I got a job at the CVS pharmacy and worked

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How early can i fill my script in 30 days? I filled my Xanax on June 12, 2017 & my Norco & Soma on June 16,2017? My doctor also wrote the Norco amount


Becoming a National Certfiated Pharmacy Test

I personally and one other student have been scared but in better words a worst test taker. Not a proper reader of the book or guides to learn from but

Continue reading "Becoming a National Certfiated Pharmacy Test"

Fentanyl duragesic patch

If a patient has to wear one 100mcg duragesic fentanyl patch every 72hrs and is given a 30 day supply (10 patches) What is the soonest number of days after

Continue reading "Fentanyl duragesic patch"

Do I need tech school to become a pharmacy tech

I'm self-studying for the PTCB exam. I did some research online and found out you don't need to go to school or formal training (depending on your state,

Continue reading "Do I need tech school to become a pharmacy tech"

Flow and drops

Rantidine is infused in a 0.5L bag 1/2 NS for an ulcer treatment. It runs at 30gtt/min with the infusion device set to deliver 16gtt/mL. How long will

Continue reading "Flow and drops "