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by Christ

I finished all the pharmacy technician classes from a tech college and got my license from State Board years ago. I got a job at the CVS pharmacy and worked there for 2 years to gain some experience. I recently wanted to apply for a pharmacy technician position either at Kaiser hospital or at Costco but they said that my license needs to be certified. At the same time I wanted to be certified but not understanding which test that I need to take since there seems to be 2 different tests, are there? Please help, if any one absolutely knows the differences of these 2? I hope that I can get a clarification on this.

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National Certification
by: Jerry

It sounds like when you were licensed, you only had to apply thru your state and they did not require National Certification. However, these employers are asking candidates to be state licensed AND nationally certified. The national certification is accomplished by passing the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Do some research on Google to figure out which one is required by the employers you're trying to work for.

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