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Suspension dosage

by Heidi

I need to take 60 gm over 90 days

Have a suspension that is 2mg/ml. 240mg/ 120ml bottle

How much do I need to take to accomplish the 60 gm amount evenly over the duration of 90 days?

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Suspension dosage
by: Brad Wojcik, Pharm D

I am not sure if there is a typo in the problem because the answer is a lot of suspension.
60 g (1 mL/2 mg)(1000 mg/g)1 bottle/120 mL) = 250 bottles.

need to see the work
by: Anonymous

would you mind to show how you got the answer 250 bottles? outline the format. thank you

Work explained
by: Brad Wojcik, Pharm D

I did it all in one step like this:
60 g (1 mL/2 mg)(1000 mg/g)(1 bottle/120 mL) = 250 bottles.
You are starting with 60 g and have to change that to bottles. It might be easier if it broken into smaller problems. The pt is to take 60 g, which is 60,000 mg. You get this by 60 g(1000 mg/g)= 60,000 mg. g cancel out and you are left with mg. Since there are 2 mg in each mL, you multiply 60,000 mg by 1 mL/2 mg. 60,000 mg(1 mL/2 mg)= 30,000 mL. Here the mg cancel out. There are 120 mL in 1 bottle, so now you multiply 30,000 mL(1 bottle/120 mL) = 250 bottles. The mL cancel out. Hope that helps.

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