About the top 200 drug list

by Ethel

Does this mean there are 100 Brand Name drugs and 100 Generic Names for them, or does it mean there are 200 Brand Name drugs and 200 Generic Names for them?

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Brand and Generic Drug Names
by: Jerry

There are 200 generic names in the top 200 drug list, and 200 brand names. However, a few drugs are marketed with additional brand names, which means that there are even more of those.

So, on the top 200 drug list, the most commonly used brand names are matched with the generic name.

top 200 Druglist for PTCB
by: Anonymous

how can I find the top 200 drug list from a to z that's easier to remember?

"Top 200 drug" List Question
by: Andrew

Are the drugs on the "Top 200 drugs" list in any particular order? For example, listing them from most commonly prescribed to least most commonly prescribed. The reason I am asking this is because, so far, I have memorized the first seventy drugs on the list; is knowing them in that exact order of any benefit? Thanks.


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