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Additional cost for retaking the PTCB test?

by Ari

You know how, for the PTCB exam, you have to pay $129 initially for your first test. Well, let's say I failed on the first try, do I have to pay again to retake the test over? Or does the $129 account for all 3 times you may need to retake it?

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PTCB Re-Take Fees
by: Anonymous

The re-take fee (for the PTCB) is the same as the initial exam fee. So, if you don't pass, each retake is another $129.

You can retake it three times, for a total of 4 attempts. However, you have to wait 60 days before attempt #2. If you fail again, wait another 60 days to attempt #3. If you don't pass that time, for the fourth and final attempt, you gotta wait 180 more days.

If you fail 4 times, and still want to pursue certification, you have to write to the PTCB and petition.

by: Anonymous

If you took the test three times and failed
What's the next step to re talking the exam

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