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alligation question

by pharm girl

A physician writes an order for 1000 ml of 12.5% dextrose to be infused at 75ml/hr. This large volume concentration is not available in the pharmacy, so it must be compounded using 50% dextrose and 5% dextrose. using the method of alligation, how many ml of 50% dextrose will be required for the compound?

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by: Anonymous

First evaluate the differences.

Add them together
37.5%+7.5%=45% or 45/100

1000mL / (45/100) = 2222.2222

Since this is an alligation alternate problem, assign 7.5% difference as the 50% requirement.

Thus 2222.2222 * (7.5/100) = 166.66 = 167mL

Please help
by: Anonymous

How many grams of a 10% and 2% ointment should be used to make 25 grams of a 5% ointment?

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