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Amoxicillin Suspension

by BB

Rx: Amoxicillin susp
Sig: 450mg po tid 7 days

The instructions on the dry powder vial state: reconstitute with 51 mL of purified water for a concentration of 400mg/5mL (75mL volume when reconstituted). How many vials of the dry powder will be needed to fill this prescription?

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Dimensional analysis
by: Anonymous

Mg in a reconstituted vial:
75 mL X (400 mg/5 mL)
= 6000 mg per vial

Mg needed: 7 days X (3 doses/day) X (450 mg/dose)
= 9450 mg

So you need 2 vials, thus supplying 12,000 mg, with instructions to discard unused portion.

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