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Top 200 Drugs to memorize App

Knowledge of the Top 200 drugs is highly desirable for anyone in the medical profession – and especially Pharmacy Technicians. Yet, memorizing drug names is one of the most intimidating parts of studying for the PTCB or ExCPT national certification exams.

Flash cards are old technology

Repetition is certainly key to memory retention, and students often use Flash-Cards. However, drug flashcards don't challenge or train you to think very hard. The quizzes in the APPs are presented in multiple choice format, which means you have to identify the correct answer out of a line-up. And, that’s exactly how it you'll be asked about drug names on the real test. As such, we think you’ll be more prepared on test day to spot correct answers faster.

These apps are mainly designed to help YOU:

  • Test and verify your knowledge of the Top 200 drugs
  • Excel on your certification exam and career through a mastery of drugs names.

The apps present the questions in the following formats

  • Brand to Generic: This gives you a brand drug name and asks you for its generic name.
  • Generic to Brand: This gives you a generic drug name and asks you for its brand name.
  • All Questions: This combines brand to generic and generic to brand questions.

This provides the option of approaching drugs from both angles – so you can develop and improve in the area where you need to improve.  They're the perfect apps to test your knowledge in preparation for exam day and beyond! 

How they work

Each Top Drugs App provides a great way for you to revise and check what you have learned.  They contain 200 - 400 multiple choice questions, which are presented in random order each attemptThey are great tools to test what you have learned or also as a refresher that you want to use as you prepare for or just before taking the exam.

They offer the following benefits / features:

  • When you get a question wrong – you are immediately told the correct answer - which can greatly reinforce your learning.  
  • The questions will be randomized every time, so that each time you take the quiz (for example: 25 questions) you will get a different set of questions.  
  • At the end of each quiz attempt, you will:
  • Be shown the total number you got correct and your percentage score.
  • Be able to scroll through and review the answer you provided for each question and the right answer.
  • You can use these on your mobile devices - so you can even practice when you have just 2 minutes free - anytime of the day – even when on the go.
  • You can choose to answer 10, 25 or 50 questions.  
  • Offers the ideal test format for both professionals and students.
  • Features traditional multiple choices – Just like the real test.
  • Excellent way to review what you have learned and test your self.
  • No internet access required (after install).
  • Apps are very intuitive and need minimal input.
  • Handy, quick resource – better than flash cards.

These are the ideal apps for anyone who wants to learn or revise their information on the top 200 drugs.  Download these apps today and you’ll be glad you did!

Top 200 Drug Apple App
Top 200 Drug Android APP
Top 200 Drug Kindle App

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