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Best book to study for the PTCB?

by mustbake
(Fremont, CA)

I am entering an externship in Jan, and will finish the following March. What is the best book to use for studying for the PTCB test? I've heard good and bad about Mosby'S.

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Check out the book reviews page
by: Jerry

The only good thing about Mosby's book is that most people can find it at their public library. However, it's probably outdated, and reads like a dry textbook and (although it has lots of great info) should be required reading for those with insomnia.

In the book review section, there are some other choices. In fact, there's a free option that you can print out. That freebie book is actually quite good. Plus, if you can print it out in color, it has some fantastic visual presentations.

For Math, I would recommend gauging where you are in algebra. If you're needing help with basic algebra, then consider a stand alone book that introduces the basics of pharmacy math. I say that because I have yet to see a PTCE exam book that has a good math section integrated in.

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