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Can a Pharmacy Tech count CII drugs?

Can a certified Pharmacy Technician legally count, pour, package and label Class II prescriptions?

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C 2 drugs
by: Anonymous

There are alot state specific rules, but as far as i know you can. In Maryland and Delaware tge pharmacist retrieves the drug, you can not open safe, and the tech counts it on a designated pod for it, double count it and label the vial. After putting the drugs in and lid the tech logs tge prescription number in the log book quantity date and signs the book and initials the label. The pharmacist then vack counts tge stock bottle to avoid discrepancies.

C2 counting
by: Kristi

Yes. Technicians have to count controlled substances twice and indicate on the bottle that they have done so. The pharmacist has to then re-count the pills and log the prescription and the number of pills dispensed.

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