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Can I get my ExCPT if I already passed the PTCB

by Liz

I already have my PTCB and work in a retial pharmacy at the moment. I've decided I want to go to a hospital now instead. I've been reading some applications, and some require that you have the ExCPT certification. Can I get an ExCPT if I already have my PTCB?

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by: Jerry

The two certifications are from entirely different organizations. And, since they aren't associated with each other, you cannot automatically get one with the other.

To use an analogy: Think of it like you got a degree from Harvard. Then, you decide you'd like to work for a company that only hires people from Yale. Even if you write a letter to Yale and ask nicely, even telling them about your Harvard degree and job experience, they probably wont send you an honorary Yale degree.

In addition to that, the PTCB and NHA are profitable businesses. They want your application and renewal fees.

The good news, however, is that (based on your experience) you could likely pass the ExCPT exam without much trouble.

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