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Career step

by Michele

I am thinking about enrolling in a pharmacy tech program through career step. Anybody have any opinions on this program?

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Online program red flags
by: Riley

Career Step is an online training program that costs $2 Grand for 3 months of full time study, or up to 6 months if you're doing it part time.

Red flag #1 is that they know a majority of people don't have the discipline to make time to study. And, if you aren't great at math, I doubt you'll confidently get through all of the math in 6 months at a part-time pace. But, if you're proficient in algebra at the start, disregard that.

Red flag #2 - Their appealing sales pitch seems to be that they will attempt to find you an extern-ship opportunity with Walgreens or CVS. But then in the smaller print down the page a disclaimer states that extern-ship opportunities exist, "as long as positions are available in students local area".

I'm not a fan of online tech classes, and think that they are incredibly overpriced for what you get. Also, why online? When you get a job are you going to do it online? Maybe I'm too old to understand the online school phenomenon. But, it seems like tech school is training to get you ready for work. I digress.

If you decide to pay the $2K tuition, talk to a company rep before and make them put the extern-ship as a guarantee in writing. It's the only thing I can see that makes it worth what they are charging. If they can't, consider a traditional type tech school where they have placement assistance.

Look into other schools
by: Celia

As a military spouse, I have access to a scholarship to use towards a certificate or associates degree (MYCAA). I chose to use the scholarship to attend Allied Business School for their online Pharmacy Tech program for free. If it were not free, I would not have attended it. It is not necessary to attend a school to become a pharmacy technician. The major benefit I got out of the program was the books that I received for free and the ability to put the school on a resume (not worth $2000).

As far as I know from speaking to students of Career Step, it is not an accredited school. That doesn't matter quite so much for a pharmacy tech program considering school is not necessary, but why not attend an accredited school if you have the option? If you do decide to enroll in one of these online programs, I suggest Allied Schools. They are accredited, also offer an extern-ship at the end, and I believe they are slightly less expensive than Career Step.

career step is a great online school
by: nikhat

Hey i did my pharmacy tech course online On career step, and now im about to end my externship and also did the test. Its really good. If you have questions, you call or email them. and $2000 is really cheap because Other private school charges more then $10000. I would say that You should go for that online school like when you go do your extension you Learn everything.

Career Step review
by: Elle

I am just about to finish a Career Step Pharm Tech course and now that I know better about what it takes to become a PT, I feel that Career Step is overpriced. Plus they emphasize heavily on buying extensions. I did learn a lot, but I think like others have mentioned online, you can easily learn just as much or more by studying from various books. There were many questions not covered in Career Step that I came across on online practice tests so now I have to buy a book outside of the paid course to make sure I am covered. Hope this helps.

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