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Children's Doses

A child's dose for cefadroxil is 30mg/kg body weight once a day for 14 days. What is the smallest bottle that will provide enough medication to last 14 days if the child weighs 44 pounds?

a) 50 ml bottle of 125mg/5ml
b) 50ml bottle of 250mg/5ml
c) 75 ml bottle of 500mg/5ml
d) 100ml bottle of 500 mg/5ml

The answer is D...but I don't understand why?

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by: Anonymous

Dose: 30mg/kg body weight
weight: 44 lbs

conversion from lbs to kg to mg

44 lbs/ 2.2 lbs= 20 kg
20kg X 30 mg= 600 mg

Amount lasted for 14 days= 600mg X 14 days= 8400mg
It is D because... use proportion method
500 mg x
------ = ----
5ml 100ml

x= 10,000 mg ( the bottle can holds up to 10,000mg)

hence, it should be enough to fit 8400 mg which is the amount that is ordered.

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