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Cleocin Suspension

by marjory
(bridgeport, ct, usa)

RX: Cleocin suspension 2tsp tid x14D

Cleocin suspension is available as:
150mg/5ml - 6 ounce bottles.
How many bottles do you need to dispense to fill this order?

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The answer is...
by: Anonymous

The answer is 7 bottles.

Solving the problem:
1tsp = 5ml
2tsps = 10ml
tid= 3 times a day = 10ml x 3= 30ml total per day
taking for 14 days: 30ml x14 = 420 ml
Number of bottles needed: 420ml divided by 6ml which give 7 bottles.

don't get your answer
by: Anonymous

Where do u get 6ml from?

Error on the last step
by: Anonymous

Since the bottles are 6 Ounces, you'd need to divide the total by that.
6(30mL)= 180mL per bottle

wrong answer
by: Anonymous

180ml is one bottle.
420 : 180
= 2.3 bottles.

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