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Codeine prescription

by Brittany
(Long Island)

How many milligrams of codeine would be in a tablespoonful of a medication containing 0.36g of codeine in a 6-fluid-ounce bottle?

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Re the Question
by: Anonymous

So 1 tablespoonful = 15ml
6 fluid once = 30ml x 6 = 180ml

the question ask for the answer in milligram.

therefore you are going to convert 0.36g into mg= 360mg.

Calculation :
360mg = 180ml
x = 15ml

15ml x 360mg / 180ml
= 30mg

correct me if i am wrong , i just did the question.

Ambassador for Jesus Christ
by: Anonymous

You are right and you got the right answer. God bless you and Jesus loves you

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