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Concentration Problem

by Nikki

A single use packet contains one gram of Drug S, as well as 8.4 grams of additional ingredients and sweetening agent. The directions are to dissolve the contents in 6 oz (180 mL) of sterile water. Not accounting for displacement effect, what is the approximate concentration strength of Drug S in the final solution?
A. 6.50%
B. 0.05%
C. 1.25%
D. 0.56%

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by: Anonymous

The answer is D. 0.56%

You only need to be concerned with the active drug in the ingredients, as that will determine concentration.

Thus 1 gram active/180 mL total (roughly)

Percent Strengths are always given in x g/100 mL


1 gram/ 180 mL= x g/100 mL

180x=100-->x=0.5555 or 0.56%

concentration problem
by: Anonymous

Where do you get 0.5555 from.

concentration problem, solving for "x"
by: Nikki

To solve for "x", divide both sides of the equation by 180. So, 100 divided by 180 equals 0.5555

by: Anonymous

where did the 100ml come from?

percent explanation
by: Nikki

Percent strengths are always computed using number of grams over 100 mL.

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