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Confused about the PTCB

by Anne

I took my exam Dec 2015. A co-worker needed to take hers this year, 2016. I had classes for mine through my previous job, so I circled the chapters in the text book to study from. I also gave her the study guide text full of questions. After her exam she told me that none of that content was on the test. These texts were recommended by PTCB website.
Another co worker has taken it twice, so I have been trying to understand about the new exam. I have heard there are 4 different tests. Does that mean that in any year you can get one of these tests? Does the content change from year to year? For example: what I studied for my exam in 2015 will be completely different from 2016, 2017?
Will she need to study different content when she takes it for the 3rd time in Feb 2017?
I find it hard to believe that the content changes from year to year. Please help me to understand!
Thank you for your time!

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PTCB Content is RANDOM
by: Keith

What your co-worker told you, "None of that content was on the test", may seem a little off. However, it is possible that what you told her to focus on was material that was heavy on your exam, but hardly addressed on hers.

If you asked 10 people who took the PTCB on the same day and time what the questions were about on their test, all of them would tell you completely different things. The reason is because each exam is randomly tossed together by the computer just before it's taken. AND, there is a giant bank of questions it has to choose from, and it only chooses 80 of them. As such, the number of different of exams is not just 4. It's closer to 4 zillion. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting the same PTCB test as a friend.

This is one more reason why the test is more difficult after they changed it last year.

The bottom line? STUDY EVERYTHING ;-)

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