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Cost for a month supply

by sarah
(New York)

The drug diltiazem is available as follows:

- 60mg tabs taken q.i.d.($63.00/100)
- 120mg sustained-release caps taken b.i.d. ($110.00/100)
- 240mg sustained release caps taken once daily ($162.00/100)

Calculate the cost per month of each.

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Here Is What I Figure
by: Tech In Training

60mg tabs qid is 4 times a day. Each tab costs 63 cents. Multiply that by 4. You get $2.52. Multiply $2.52 times 31 days and you get $78.12 cost for the month.

120mg tabs bid is 2 times a day. Each tab costs $1.10. Multiply that by 2. You get $2.20. Multiply $2.20 times 31 days and you get $68.20 costs for the month.

240mg tabs once a day costs $1.62. Multiply that amount by 31 days and you get $50.22 cost for the month.

Calendar question
by: Anonymous

Most insurance companies pay for 30 days at a time. Does the test usually want a calendar month or an insurance month?

by: Anonymous

So I am a little confused... So if it says $63.00/100 what does that mean exactly because I see you multiplied 63 cents instead of the 63.00 dollars or is that out of 100? Can someone please explain how that goes. Thank you.

why $0.63
by: Anonymous

Dear Anonymous
If 100 tablets cost 63 is because each one cost 0.63.

Monthly Supply
by: Lyn

When the question reads a Monthly Supply the PTCE, your pharmacy and the insurance company are inferring a 30 Day Supply. This is a set standard and the only medication I know of that breaks this pattern is YAZ, a pre-packaged birth control set-up as a 28 DS.

I hope that alleviates the problem for you.

by: Anonymous

We need to calculate the cost per month for each separate drug.

Do the first one like this: you need 4 of the 60mg tablets. Each tablet cost .63 cents because for 100 tabs it costs $63.00. Divide 100 by 63.00 to find how much each tablet costs. Once costs .63 cents now multiply that by 4 since that's how many you need each day. 4 x .63= $2.52. Now multiply that by 30 days because that's the standard for a month, not 31!!! The answer is $75.60 for the whole months supply of that drug. The end.

Do the same calculations for the following two drugs.

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