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D10W IV Drip question

by Holly
(Akron, Pa)

A patient was started on a drip of D10W from a 500 ml bag at 1400. The micro-drip (60gtt/ml) administration device was set to deliver 30gtt/min. If the patient is administered the entire bag, how much dextrose will they receive?
A. 180g
B. 300mg
C. 50g
D. 60Kg

by Jerry

This question could be re-worded like this:

How much dextrose is in 500mL of D10W

1) D10W is 10% Dextrose, so you can use a proportions equation:

10g           X
------- = -------
100mL   500mL

2) Solve for X, and that's your answer

-- This question has lots of filler. When you're working math problems, the better you get at decoding out the filler will increase your chances of accuracy and decrease the time you spend on those questions.

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quicker calculation
by: Anonymous

here is the quick one. its 10% of 500

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