Dilantin compounding

by Theresa

A rx is written for Dilantin 5% in zinc oxide as 120g. How many Dilantin 50 mg tabs are needed to prepare this compound?

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Dimensional analysis
by: Anonymous

Mass of Dilantin in the compound:
(*Note that "5%" is 5 grams/100 g of the compound)
120 g compound X (5 g Dilantin/100 g compound)
= 6 grams
= 6000 mg Dilantin

Then need to use:
6000 mg Dilantin X (1 tablet/50 mg Dilantin)
= 120 tablets

by: Anonymous

Where did you get the 100 g?

Conversion for percent
by: PtMike

% is gram/100- 5% is 5g/100g; X/120g equal 6g (6000 mg)
6000 mg divided by 50mg equal 120 tablets

Use this formula
by: Anonymous

Active ingredient= total volume x concentration

* you can also manipulate this formula to solve for other variables

For this problem:

x is the active ingred.

x= 120 g x 0.05 (5%)
x= 6 g or 6000 mg

6000 mg divided by 50 mg tabs = 120 tabs

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