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Dilution question

by julie

How much doxepin 10 mg/ML concentrate should you dilute to prepare 240 ML of doxepin 25 mg/5mL?

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Doxepin question
by: Brad Wojcik, Pharm D

There are a couple of ways to do this. Personally, I think the easiest way is to ask yourself how many mg of doxepin are needed in the final 240 mL solution. 240 mL (25 mg/5 mL) = 1200 mg. Now you can look at where you will get your mg of doxepin and calculate how many mL you need. 1200 mg(1 mL/10 mg) = 120 mL. You can also use V1C1=V2C2

240 mL(25 mg/5 mL) = V2 (10 mg/1 mL)
V2= 240 mL(25 mg/ 5 mL)(1 mL/10 mg)
V2 = 120 mL

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