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dosage calculation help

by Lauren

A 32 year old patient was prescribed 300mcg/kg of a drug. According to their chart, they weigh 184lbs. The drug is available in 5mg tablets. How many tablets will need to be dispensed to fill this order? A. 8 tablets
B. 2 tablets
C. 1/2 tablet (ss)
D. 5 tablets

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here ya go
by: Michelle

The answer is D. 5 tablets

First you need to convert the patient's weight into kg:

184 lbs / 2.2 lbs= 83.6 kg (since 1 kg=2.2 lbs)

Next, you'll need to convert mcg's into mg

1,000 mcg=1 mg

Therefore, 300 mcg/kg is 0.3 mg/kg

Thus the patient needs 0.3 mg * 83.6 kg which is about 25 mg

25 mg total / 5 mg tablets =5 tablets total

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