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Drug Name Suffixes

by Kevin

Angoitensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors are commonly prescribed for hypertension.

The generic names designated for ACE inhibitors usually end in the suffix ___.

Also, what are some other common generic drug suffixes?

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Drug Suffix
by: ella

ACE Inhibitor = "PRIL"
Beta Blocker = "OLOL"

Generic Suffixes
by: hannah

Azole - Proton Pump Inhibitor

by: Anonymous

Statin- cholesterol
(Hmg-coA reductase)

Razole - proton pump inhibitor

Artan- a2rb
(Angiotensin 2 receptor blocker)

Pam - benzodiazepines

Olol - beta blockers

Pril- ace inhibitors

Azosin- alpha blocker

Itidine - h2 antagonist

Romycin - macrolide

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