Epidural Infusion

by Emily

An anesthesiologist requests that we prepare Bupivicaine 0.0625% in NS 250ml for an epidural infusion. How would you make this infusion using the following supplies? Bupivicaine 0.75% 30ml and NS 250ml bag.

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by: John T.

Start by calculating the actual amount of drug you have in your 0.75% solution:
0.75g/100ml = X/30ml

X = 0.225g of bupivacaine

Then calculate how much active drug you need to make the desired concentration:
0.0625g/100ml = X/250ml

X = 0.156g of bupivacaine

Now solve for the amount of 0.75% solution you will need to get 0.156g of bupivacaine:
0.225g/30ml = 0.156g/X

X = 20.8mls

Lastly, 250ml of NS - 20.8ml of 0.75% solution = 229.2ml of NS

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