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Formula for Temperature Conversions

by Delecia
(Panama City)

Celsius vs Fahrenheit

Celsius vs Fahrenheit

Can you do an example of 5F = 9C + 160 ?

Reply: by Jerry

Absolutely, there's a whole tutorial about temperature conversions on THIS PAGE, including two examples of using 5F = 9C + 160.

The examples cover converting:

Celsius to Fahrenheit

and also

Fahrenheit to Celsius

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example of temperature conversion
by: Emmanuel Petit

74f to C?
The formula is:

So, insert 74 for F

5(74) = 9C + 160

370-160 = 9C

210 = 9C


C = 23.33

This is much easier
by: Anonymous

If you have the F temp of 72 subtract -32
Then divide by 1.8

This will work every time

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