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Fried's rule

Fried's Formula

Fried's Formula

How do you use Fried's rule? I see Young's and Clark's on this site, but not the formula for fried's. Please let me know more about this dosage calculation.

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Fried's Rule Formula
by: Jerry

Fried's Rule is available to use to calculate an infant dosage for patients under 24 months when a proper dosage has not been already determined. It most likely would never be asked about on the PTCB exam, and that's why there's no tutorial for it on the website.

I added a picture above to show the formula.

But, it's basically just like Clark's rule, but use months instead of weight.

------- X Adult Dosage

why 150 IB
by: Anonymous

can someone please explain to me why we divided by 150 ??

Fried's Rule
by: Anonymous

Because Liter represents volume and liquid equals to 1000 milliliter.

Reason for 150
by: Anonymous

A child of 12.5 years old is for many considered an adult for dosage purposes. Twelve and a half years equals 150 months old

why 150 used to divide
by: Anonymous

150 is used since that is determined to be the weight of an "average" adult and adult doses are based on a 150lb patient

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