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Guess or leave answer blank on PTCB

On the PTCB, is it better to take a guess and possibly get it wrong or to leave it blank? Different exams weigh getting a wrong answer, ie, you get some points for trying vs leaving it blank. Some exams, it is better to leave it blank, if you can't make a good guess.

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Take a guess
by: Jerry

Great question ! There are some good strategies you can use to pad your score a little and this is one of them.

On the PTCB, you want to guess the best answer, because it counts against you the same whether you get it wrong or simply leave it blank. In addition, by guessing you have a 25% (or 1 in 4) chance of getting it right by guessing. That's the straight answer to your question.

To go a bit farther, if you can just rule out one answer and pick one of the 3 remaining, that puts you at 33% - and so on. If you leave it blank = 0% chance of more points.

During the exam, you will have a chance to mark questions you want to go back to and review at the end.

Lots of people will also agree that your first guess is more often correct when you're not sure about it, rather than dwelling on it for a long time. As proof, if you watch trivia game-shows on TV you often see people talk themselves out of the correct answer and lose thousands of dollars.

I recommend trying these strategies with the practice tests and you'll see that it actually works.

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