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Having trouble converting grains.

by Jas
(Dahlgren VA)

Good morning, this is my question, a drug is available as 1.2 g/fl. ounce. If you prepare a dose of 300 mg. How many fluid drams will you need? please help! I always having trouble converting grains.

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No need to convert to grains here
by: PT

1) First convert to Drams:

1 Fl. Ounce = 8 Fl. Drams

2) Then, a quick proportion to solve

1200 mg - - 300 mg
-------- = --------
8 Drams - - X

3) Answer

I got 2 Fluid Drams, is that right

No need to use grains
by: Anonymous

8 fluid drams = 1 fluid ounce. Convert the g to mg and the fl oz. to fl. drams, then set up your ratio to find the number of drams for 300 mg.

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