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How difficut is the PTCB ?

If I scored an 42 out of 50 or (84% out of 100) on your practice test is there a good chance that I will pass the real certification exam?

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The Final Exam
by: Jerry

The idea behind the PTCB practice quizzes on the site is, of course, to try and give a fairly realistic feel of the official exam. That includes the complexity and difficulty of the questions, as well as how it's presented, timed, etc.

With that in mind, I still can't guarantee that you'll pass even though you did very well on the practice tests. I can say you probably will. And, it's a really good sign. Several people have said the practice quizes here were harder than their real test. But, each situation is different. Have you taken it the three times that are included? There's a whole question bank, and if you take it three times, you'll get some different questions each time.

Ultimately, your gut feeling will tell you. My advice would be, if you didn't get 100%, to really focus on the subjects of the questions you missed.

Passed with this site
by: Anonymous

Hey just took the exam today and I passed. I'd definitely have to give Jerry props for the way he built this website and the questions. They were extremely accurate when taking the exam and were really helpful. And to top it off, I actually did find his questions a tad bit harder than what was on the exam which is a GOOD thing because it really does prepare you.

Thanks !

by: Anonymous

I really need help. i'm taking my PTCB test on December 2.

is this accurate
by: Kati

hi. I am trying to do this test on my own. i was just wondering if this website has pretty good accurate study guide and practice test? I really like it so far. I just want to make sure i am not studying stuff that is not going to help me at all.

Please let me know

thanks so much

need help with math
by: Anonymous

I am also concerned on the difficult level of the exam, because my greatest worries is the calculations. I've tried some of the practice quizzes on this great website, but on the math problems that I got wrong it doesn't specify how to get to the correct answer. I wish that this feature were added to the quizzes, because I believe that it would be of great help.

One question of the ptcb, do they provide you with a calculator?

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