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How is the PTCB Scored?

by Mila

I have question. I just took the PTCB test, and I scored 1325 out of 1600 possible. The result is that I failed, even though it is more than 82%.
How do you think could argue with them about this? - Thank you !

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You only got 54%
by: Jerry

The passing scaled score for the current PTCB exam is 1400. The possible score range is 1000 to 1600.

And so, if you crunch those numbers, you got 54%, and have no valid argument. But, it's even a bit more complex than that.

The key to all of this is "Scaled Score". Because some questions are harder than others, they have different values. And then, every test taker gets a different set of questions. One person might get more math, while another gets more drug names.

Even if you got just one question wrong, you'd score over 1000. So, the true range is really just from 1000 - 1600 = which is 600 points. Using your method to calculate the score, you got 325 out of 600.

If you go to the PTCB website and look under Exam > Scoring it explains it more in detail.

To would Be Techs
by: Anonymous

Please, please dont waste your MOST PRODUCTIVE years of your life in that job.

Pharmacy Tech Starting salaries:

$9.00 - $10.00 an hour for unexperienced, unlicensed pharmacy technicians

$11.00 - $12.00 an hour for certified/registered pharmacy technicians.

When you really think about it, isn't this what UNSKILLED LABOR earns and this is without all the paperwork such as sitting for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam and registering with the state you want to practice in.

Think about the salary long and hard, it's under $20.00 an hour with no room for advancement. Trust me you can't raise a family or even afford a house payment from pharmacy technician wages.

PTCB passed
by: Anonymous

Hello all,

Thank you for this site! I took the test on 05/17 and passed it. I had a few questions that I did not have a clue on. I had about 9 Math questions, which I made sure I did correctly - at least I hoped. I only had about 5 drugs questions though I had nailed about 75 of them before the test. Glad I did though. 2 drug to drug / drug to food interactions. Mixed questions in general. A technicians position etc.

Good luck anyone going to take the exam.

by: Anonymous

I just started working as a pharmacy tech. My pay is decent compared to others that work in retail. I work in inpatient pharmacy at a hospital. I do suggest you do get the certification and the license even if not required - it does help. Some of my friends that graduated the same time I did got jobs in retail and make less then I do. To move up on the scale specialize in something such as compounding, chemo med or making IVs.

how many points do I need in percent For passing my PTCB test?
by: Anonymous

hi everyone I will take my test very soon in this month and I feel very nervous, I just want to know how did you guys who took the PTCB test feel that day? also thanks for your comments. Please how many points do I need to have for passing?

passing degree
by: Anonymous

any one want to pass ptce exam needs not less than 1400 points from 1600 i.e 80% so, good luck every body.....old tech.

Is PTCB test changing since new law in 2017
by: Anonymous

Is the PTCB test going to change since the law is changing in september of 2017. where you can no longer take state certification you have to take national is it going to be any different?

by: Anonymous

I scored 1505 / 1600 on the PTCB.

I answered 67 correctly out of 80 (83.75% correct)

Thank you
by: Beverly

Thank you I viewed this website a lot during my preparation for the PTCB Exam which I took on 11/20/2017. I passed with a scaled score of 1461. Thank you all so much for putting this website together with great information to study for this exam. Study, study is the key to pass any exam.
Thank you all very much.

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