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How many times in a year can I take the PTCE exam?

by Charo

Just wondering how many times I'm allowed to take the exam in one year?

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up to 4 times !
by: Keith

You can take it 4 times in a year.

If you fail the PTCE, you must wait 60 days to apply for second and third attempts. If you fail the third, you must wait 6 months for the fourth and final attempt.

Let's say you take the PTCB (First time) on Jan 1st and fail. You could take it again (2nd time) around March 2nd. Then if you fail again you could take it (3rd time) around May 3rd. If you fail again, then you could take it (a 4th time) in November. But, if you fail it that fourth time, then you'll have to petition with the PTCB to take it again. I suppose they would also make you wait another 6 months or more after that too.

Failed the Ptcb back in 2014, need my cpht by july
by: Anonymous

How many tries can I get?

how many tries do i get
by: Anonymous

I take test tomorrow. So, if I fail - when would I be able to take it again? And, would I have to pay the second time? I hear 2 different things I would and then I wouldn't?

Cost of extra PTCB attempts
by: Keith

According to the PTCB Certification Guidelines: "Candidates must apply for and pay for each PTCE attempt"

So, I assume that means $129 each time.

I Passed
by: Charo

Thanks to that help me a lot I was able to passed my test on March-2017!!! I am so happy ;)

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