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IV ad mixture Question

An IV ad mixture calls for the addition of 20 mEq of sodium bicarb. How many milliliters of an 8.4% (w/v) sodium bicarbonate solution should be added?

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IV admixture problem
by: Brad Wojcik, Pharm D

You have to look up the molar mass of sodium bicarbonate which is 84.0 g/mol. Since we are working in mEq, we should also be working with mmol, so we will use 84 mg/mmol. Since sodium bicarbonate is monovalent, you get 1 mEq per mmol.
You are starting with 20 mEq and have to change that to mL using the ratios of 1 mmol/mEq, 84 mg/mmol, 100 mL/8.4 g and 1 g/1000 mg.
20 mEq(1 mmol/1 mEq)(84 mg/1 mmol)(100 mL/8.4 g)(1 g/1000 mg) = 20 mL.

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