IV Calculation

by Mmichelle
(Redding Ca)

A prescription is ordered which requires 10 mEg KCI and 15 mEq of K Acetate in 1000 mL D5W to be administered over 8 hours. What is the rate in mL/min?

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Don't get caught up in the filler
by: Jerry

The question is simply asking:

"If 1000mL is to be infused evenly over 8 hours, how many mL will need to be administered per minute?"


------- = 125mL per hour
8 Hrs.

------- = 2.08mL per minute
60 Min.

The 10 mEq KCI and 15 mEq of K Acetate is just filler because it's all going to be evenly dissolved into the solution.

Don't get confused
by: Ana

It's easy to do; First you have to multiply 8 hours into minutes (each hour is 60 min which equals 480 minutes in 8 hours. Now divide 1000 ml in 480 min and you'll have 2.08 mL/min

Ignore extra info
by: Anonymous

1000ml/480 mins

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