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IV dosage question

by Sherri

A nurse has increased a lidocaine infusion of 2g in 250 mL D5W to 30 mL / hr to control the patient's dysrhythmia. How many milligrams per minute should he report is ow nbeing delivered?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

4 is supposedly the answer, can someone please walk through this with me on how to get 4 as the answer?

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Explain please
by: Tahanni

Hello, I don't really know where to begin for this question can you please explain it? Thank you

by: Anonymous

You would first convert 2g into milligrams
and 1 hour into 60 mins
then you divide 2000mg by 250ml
multiply by 30 ml and divide by 60 mins
your answer should be 4

2000mg/250ml *30ml/60mins=4

how many MG in minutes answer is 4
by: Anonymous

30ml/hr x 2g/250ml = 0.24g/hr then
convert to mg/min 240mg/60min = 4

Dimensional Analysis method
by: chris

Given: 2g/250mL; 30mL/hr;
Want: mg/min

Set up:

Want convert convert
to mg to min
mg 2g 1000mg 30mL 1hr mg
-- = -- x ------ x ----- x ----- = 4 ---
min 250mL 1g hr 60min min

2x1000x30x1 60000
------------ = ----- = 4
250x1x1x60 15000

I like using DA since only one step, but
many ppl do not; personal preference. Use
what works for you - don't force one system
over another.

by: Anonymous

I keep doing this equation and ending up with the answer being 2...

divide 2000mg by 250ml = 4mg/ml
4mg/ml X 30ml/hr = 120mg/ 60mn
120 / 60 = 2mg / min

What am I missing???

RE: Help?
by: Chris

You got it, just a math error.

divide 2000mg by 250ml = 4mg/ml<--error
4mg/ml X 30ml/hr = 120mg/ 60mn
120 / 60 = 2mg / min

What am I missing???

divide 2000mg by 250ml = 4mg/ml
This equals 8, not 4

8mg/ml x30ml/hr=240mg/hr
240mg/hr x 1hr/60min = 4mg/hr


by: Anonymous

Wow. Do I ever feel silly. I did it wrong 3 times!! Thank you so much for correcting me. You saved me a lot of head banging ;)

by: Fatin

2g in 250mL
2 g =2ooo mg
2ooo mg/25o mL : x/ 3o mL
X=240 mg in 30mL / hr
thats mean
4mg / min

iv dose
by: Anonymous

Isn't it 2ml=2gm and 30ml for 60 min so per min it is 2ml if added 2ml and if you add 2ml = 2ml dose incresed comes 4 ?

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