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IV Math Word Problems

by Confused

Could someone please explain the difference between "calibrated at ....gtt/ml" and "set at ....gtt/min, and how to interpret a question with these combinations. Thank you.

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IV terminology
by: Jerry

Let's say a large pizza has 6 slices. So, a large pizza is "Calibrated and 6slices/pie"

You have a family of 12 hungry for pizza. And, they each need to eat need 4 slices to be full.

So, what would you "set their order to"

This is not a great analogy, sorry. But hopefully you can see where it's going?

What the machine is calibrated to is a constant. And what you'll need to set the machine to is a variable. What you're figuring out is how to manipulate the calibrated amount to deliver the needed output.

The best way to understand these IV questions is to do them a few times 'til you get used to the flow of them.

How to think of drop factors
by: SueToo

"Calibrated" refers to something inherent to the machinery or equipment, in this case a physical droplet-former, its "drop factor." Its size is what determines the number of drops that equal a milliliter.
Think machinery, with different "calibers" or different sizes.

"Set to" or "set at" is a clue that a human is required to DO something, in this case either move a little clamp up or down until the desired rate of drops per time (a minute) is reached, or sometimes a rate the person dials or punches in (then usually drops are not relevant)

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