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iv problem

by karen

A patient is receiving an infusion from a 500 ml bag containing a 0.5% solution of drug solution.the drop factor is calibrated at 12 gtt/ml and the flow rate is set to 10 gtt/min. If the infusion is to run 4 hours, how much of the active drug will the patient receive ?

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Dimensional analysis method
by: Brad Wojcik, Pharm D

You are starting off with hours and have to end up with mg or g (we can use either one). The first step is to calculate how many g are in the 500 mL. 500ml(0.5g/100mL)= 2.5 g. Now you have a given, a bunch of ratios and the units of the answer. Just line everything up so that the units cancel out and you end up with g

Agree with Brad + another method
by: Keith

Using an equation is another method - but may take a tad bit longer.

1) Figure out how many mL patient will receive during duration:

- How many drops total:
240 min X 10gtt/min = 2400gtt

- How many mL that adds up to
------------ = 200mL

2) Multiply received volume by sol. strength:

0.5g - - - - - - - - - - X
-------- = 0.5% = ---------
100mL - - - - - - 200mL

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